8x Reasons for visiting the dental hygienist more often
June 02, 2022
Prevention is better and often cheaper than cure. Regular visits to your Oral Hygienist are an excellent way to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy. Here are 8 Reasons why.


Ina Alberts

Enjoy a cleaner, whiter, healthier smile!

Prevention is better than cure.

Identifying problems early on can save dental treatment costs and tooth structure by limiting the damage caused by waiting too long. Visiting your dental hygienist every six months (or as recommended) means all teeth are checked individually.

Extend the lifetime of your dental work.

Identifying areas you’re not good at cleaning, removing plaque buildup and applying fluoride can address tooth decay at an early stage, preventing cavity formation. In addition, regular cleaning will result in healthier gums and avoid bone loss and gum recessions caused by untreated gum infections like periodontal disease.

Raise your kids with good oral health habits and make them feel more at home at the dental clinic.

Routine cleanings for kids are a stress-free and fun way to introduce them to the dental setting. In addition, these visits will provide them with information and instructions on keeping their teeth and gums healthy and cultivating oral health awareness from an early age.

Some areas are just hard to keep clean.

Crowded teeth can make cleaning difficult, resulting in plaque left behind and tartar or stain formation over time. Your dental hygienist can clean and point out the areas you miss, ensuring healthier gums, teeth and a cleaner smile.


You need help because you know you don’t do it right all the time.

We are rushed and don’t always do a proper job of cleaning our teeth. Do you sometimes skip brushing? Not even to mention flossing. Not following a religious daily hygiene routine puts you at risk of plaque build-up and tartar/ stain formation, which leads to Gingivitis and tooth decay. An irregular oral hygiene routine at home calls for more regular visits to the dental hygienist if you want to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Our habits and food choices influence the color of our teeth.

It is nice to know that a proper dental hygiene cleaning can lead to whiter-looking teeth. But on the other hand, teeth whitening can enhance and brighten your smile if you long for a more dramatic result.

Handicaps or bad dexterity

Sometimes we try our best, but our hands can’t do the job well, or we cannot clean our teeth well ourselves. Routine help from your dental hygienist can result in better oral health.

Oral health vs Overall health

Routine dental hygiene visits will result in healthier gums and teeth, ensuring a healthier body. Our oral health has a direct effect on our overall health.



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