3 EASY STEPS to a clean, white smile

There is no valid reason for skipping brushing or flossing. If you want a pretty, healthy, white smile it needs to be kept clean. Article by our Oral Hygienist - Ina Alberts.

How to replace my missing teeth.

Why is it necessary to replace missing teeth? What options do I have to replace my missing tooth/teeth? We answer all these questions and more. Article by our Dentist - Dr. C. De Klerk.

The Toothbrush Buying Guide

With busy lives we often unthinkingly quickly scrub-away leaving unwanted plaque behind which eventually cause problems. Effective plaque removal doesn’t require much. A quality toothbrush, a bit of time, a technique suitable to your kind of brush and a proper sequence. Article by our Oral Hygienist - Ina Alberts.

Smoking/Vaping and your teeth.

Vaping is not a harmless alternative to smoking. Vaping surpasses smoking among adolescents and there are concerns that e-cigarette use leads to nicotine addiction and future smoking. Article by our Oral Hygienist - Ina Alberts.

Bad breath?

Call it oral malodor, bad breath, or halitosis – it can be an embarrassment. What causes it and what can we do to prevent it? Article by our Oral Hygienist - Ina Alberts.

Sensitivity after dental fillings.

Experiencing a sharp pain after a dental restoration has been done? Especially when biting forces are applied to the tooth or while drinking or eating something cold? Dr. De Klerk tells us more about the probable causes:

2D vs 3D Scans

Ever-changing technology assists with early prevention and correction. Our in-house Endodontist talks to us about 2D vs 3D scans and what it means in this industry and for you.

Why replace a Tooth?

Do you have a missing tooth? Don't think it is essential to replace? It is important to replace it and our ILMS Dentist talks about why.

Scrubbing war against plaque!

The best way to get them clean is to scrub, right? Wrong! Our Oral Hygienist gives us the low down on the war against plaque.

Let's Talk Cavities!

What is a cavity and how do they develop? Our dentist gives us a bit of insight and hints on how to identify, prevent and treat CAVITIES!