Dental Fissure Sealants
September 30, 2022
In this article, we talk briefly about how, when, and why dental fissure sealants. What are they? And who are they recommended for?


Ina Alberts

Why place dental sealants?

Placement of dental sealants is a way of preventing tooth decay in the
grooves of teeth. Deep grooves can accumulate plaque quicker
and are more prone to tooth decay.

How does it work?

Dental sealant material has the property of releasing fluoride, which has a bacteriostatic effect. Sealing deep grooves makes cleaning the grooves easier, reducing the chance of decaying.

Who is an ideal candidate for dental sealants?

Children or adults. From the age of 6 years, the first permanent molars erupt. Sealing them then is an excellent preventative measure. Recent tooth decay in adults or older children might indicate placement of dental sealants to prevent tooth decay in other teeth.

How is it done?

No local anesthetic is needed. The tooth and grooves are cleaned, the tooth is etched and rinsed, and a sealant material is applied inside the grooves, which is cured using a curing light. The seal and bite are checked, whereafter adjusted if necessary.

When is it recommended?

It is usually recommended when someone is at a high risk of getting tooth
decay or has very deep pits or grooves in their teeth.

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