Duration: 60 minutes

Our Promise To You

At our office we will:

  • Advise you how to achieve and maintain good oral health
  • Provide you with treatment options
  • Explain to you why the treatment is necessary and what it involves
  • Provide you with a full treatment plan and a cost estimate before treatment starts

The office has 2 surgeries, each equipped with x-ray machines and modern treatment technology.

On your first visit, you are welcomed in our office by our friendly staff. You will be introduced to Dr. Anton Grotius who will do a detailed assessment of your mouth. In this assessment he will look at your main dental concern, the treatment needed, highlight his observations and address any dental concerns and requests. A full mouth x-ray (PAN) will be taken.

Our philosophy is to take a long-term view of your oral and dental health. We want to provide treatment that can be maintained and that will optimize your health and appearance over a long period of time.