How to replace my missing teeth
February 18, 2022
Why is it necessary to replace missing teeth? Never mind its impact on your smile, but what consequences are there to your dental health if you choose not to? What options do I have to replace my missing tooth/teeth? We answer all these questions and more.


Dr Cornel De Klerk

What options do I have to replace my missing tooth/teeth?




Partial/Full Denture

What is a dental implant?

It is a titanium screw surgically placed inside the jawbone beneath your gums. At I love my Smile, we wait at least three months for the body to accept the implant before we take impressions for the final prosthesis. As a result, the adjacent teeth remain untouched when a dental implant is placed.

What is a bridge?

A traditional bridge is a dental prosthesis that consists of three crowns. There must be teeth on either side of the missing tooth to do a bridge. The adjacent teeth are prepared the same way as a single crown and are called the anchors of the bridge. The two anchors are connected through another crown which is called the pontic. The pontic lies on top of the gums. “caps” When left too long, the change in position of the teeth can lead to discrepancies in how the teeth fit into one another.

What is a partial or full denture?

A denture is an acrylic (plastic) prosthesis designed to replace missing teeth in the mouth. It is a removable appliance kept in place by the existing teeth and sometimes metal clasps. This method is usually only a temporary treatment option until a more fixed solution can be implemented.

Dental Implant Health

Dental Implant Health

Once a tooth is replaced with a dental implant, special care should be taken to make sure that you keep the implant clean and ensure optimal health. In this article, we talk about how to take care of your dental implants and what the risk factors for complications are.