Written by I love my Smile Dentist – Dr. Cornel De Klerk

Why is it necessary to replace missing teeth? Please read the previous blog post on what happens when missing teeth aren’t replaced.

Here is the direct link: https://www.ilovemysmile.co.za/why-replace-a-tooth/

What options do I have to replace my missing tooth/teeth?

  • Implant
  • Bridge 
  • Partial/Full Denture

What is a dental implant?
It is a titanium screw that is surgically placed inside the jawbone beneath your gums. At I love my Smile, we wait at least 3 months for the body to accept the implant before we take impressions for the final prosthesis. The adjacent teeth remain untouched when a dental implant is placed.

More information regarding the above mentioned prosthesis will follow.

To be continued…

What is a bridge?
A traditional bridge is a dental prosthesis that consists out of three crowns. There has to be teeth on either side of the missing tooth in order to do a bridge. The adjacent teeth are prepared in exactly the same way as a single crown would and are called the anchors of the bridge. The two anchors are connected to one another by means of another crown which is called the pontic. The pontic lies on top of the gums. “caps”  When left too long, the change in position of the teeth can lead to discrepancies in the way the teeth fit into one another.

What is a partial or full denture?

A denture is an acrylic (plastic) prosthesis designed to replace any amount of missing teeth in the mouth. It is a removable appliance and kept in place by the existing teeth and also sometimes metal clasps. Most of the times used as a temporary treatment option until something fixed can be done.

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