What does an Endodontist do?

Endodontics: root canal treatment
(Endo= inside: Dontics= tooth)

Thus the treatment of the soft issue/nerve/pulp within the tooth.


An endodontist partners with your general dentist to save teeth! Root canal treatment refers to the procedure where the infected nerve/pulp is removed from the inside of the tooth.To reduce microbial contamination during the procedure, Dr Koen makes use of a dental dam in order to isolate the tooth. This is similar to wearing a raincoat – effective and comfortable.

The canal where the nerve used to be is then carefully cleaned, disinfected, filled and sealed in order to save the tooth. A fully developed tooth can survive without the nerve/pulp, because the tooth continues to be nourished by the tissues surrounding it.

Dr Koen works in a microscopic environment within the tooth and do so by means of advanced techniques, technologies and materials to provide precise and efficient treatment, where possible. Treatment is primarily performed by using a dental operating microscope. Dr Koen also makes use af 3D imaging for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning to provide the patient with the best outcome or advice.

By using cutting edge techniques and technologies she strives to improve the experience of the patient as well as the success of the treatment needed.

Dr. Grethe Koen


Dr. Grethé Koen is a general dentist focusing her practice on Endodontics. She obtained her Bachelor degree in Dentistry in 2011 and after completing her community service year in Clanwilliam, she completed her Diploma in Implantology in 2013 both at the University of the Western Cape. A further Diploma in Endodontics at the University of Pretoria was obtained in 2015, a great passion of Dr. Koen.

Dr. Koen does lectures in Endodontic and she has a special interest in Cone Beam technology and its applications in Endodontics. She is also an active member of SADA (South African Dental Association).

She is married, plays the saxophone and enjoys all forms of artwork.


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