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What does an Oral Hygienist do?

An oral hygienist is a preventative oral health professional who work as a member of the dental team.

She helps patients achieve and maintain oral health in an aim to prevent dental problems. She assesses a patient’s home care regime, then provides advice and information on good oral health and plaque removal techniques. In performing the oral hygiene process of care, the oral hygienist assesses the patient’s oral health to check for disease, other abnormalities and disease risks. She develops a diagnosis based on clinical findings; formulates treatment care plans; performs clinical procedures and educates patients regarding their oral hygiene.

An oral hygienist uses a range of dental instruments in clinical procedures to remove plaque, tartar and stains from teeth and below the gum line. She scales and polishes teeth to treat and help prevent gum disease and apply products to reduce tooth decay. Additional duties include dental photography, impression and x-ray taking. The oral hygienist is at your service whenever you feel the need for a professional clean, but routine visits are recommended as prevention is better and cheaper than cure!

Ina van den Berg

Oral Hygienist

I qualified as a dental hygienist in 2007 at the University of Pretoria and have experience in orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics and surgery. I love being able to pay special attention to detail and precision in both my career and everyday life. I find being a good listener, with sensitivity to the needs of others, personally rewarding. In my free time I enjoy interior design, photography, outdoor activities and traveling. I have two dachshunds that I adore to bits.