What is a cavity and how do they develop?

Written by I love my Smile Oral Hygienist – Ina Alberts

The best way to get them clean is to scrub, right? Wrong! Plaque is actually soft and can easily be
removed with a soft toothbrush. A good clean also does not require a scrubbing action. Actually, scrubbing teeth can result in permanent enamel damage, called abrasion. Using a hard brush or abrasive agent worsens the chances of damage. These damaged areas can be very sensitive and are more prone to tooth decay. Rather opt for a soft brush. We recommend Curaprox
5460 ultra-soft or a ‘sensitive” brush head if you’re using an electric brush. The Curaprox 5460 brush has special characteristics to guide you in brushing correctly and help you gain access to hard-to-reach areas, like behind your lower teeth. Visit us for an oral hygiene appointment and these characteristics together with the right brushing technique will be shared with you.

Bet you also didn’t know that certain kinds of toothpaste can be damaging to your enamel and cause sensitivity. RDA (relative dentine abrasivity) is a method to measure the abrasives in toothpaste on tooth dentine. This is not required to be disclosed on the label of toothpaste and is something you should look into yourself. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, toothpaste with a low abrasiveness is recommended (0-70). But, my teeth don’t feel clean after brushing with a soft brush, you say. Then you’re probably not doing it right or need a professional clean. We’ll be glad to assist and will change your mind!

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