Written by I love my Smile Oral Hygienist – Ina Alberts

The aim of brushing teeth is to effectively remove dental plaque in order to prevent disease (gum disease and tooth decay) and to enjoy a healthy, fresh feeling smile.  With busy lives we often unthinkingly quickly scrub-away leaving unwanted plaque behind which eventually cause problems.  Effective plaque removal doesn’t require much.  A quality toothbrush, a bit of time, a technique suitable to your kind of brush and a proper sequence.  Do it properly with the right equipment and enjoy a cleaner, healthier smile!

Manual brushes
– Opt for a soft brush with a small head
– Replace your brush every 3 months
– Brush with bristles angled 45° towards gum line in small 6-8 circulator motions per 2 teeth

We like the Curaprox CS5460 ultra soft brush.  This brush:
Has an octagonal grip which help you angle the brush 45° degree towards the gum line when you brush
The head can bend allowing better access to lingual surfaces
Uncommonly dense and more efficient cleaning surface with 5460 ultrasoft Curen-filaments

Effective plaque removal made easier with Sonic technology!
Battery operated sonic brushes

–  50% better plaque removal
–  Replace brush head every 3 months
–  Use it as you would use a manual brush while enjoying extra vibrating power.

We like the GUM Activital brush.  This brush:
Has a sleek design and is available in either white or black
Offers rechangeable heads and replaceable AAA batteries
Produces 12000 vibrations a minute 

Rechargeable Sonic electric brush     HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
– Removed plaque 2-4mm beyond reach of bristles
– Removes more interproximal plaque
– Removes more plaque than a manual brush
– Is safe and gentle on tissues
– Clinically proven to reduce Gingivitis
– 30 000+ vibrations a minute (depending on model purchased)
– Hold brush lightly with bristles angled 45° toward gum line, move from tooth to tooth.  Watch this video:
 How to brush with Sonicare DiamondClean | Philips | Sonic electric toothbrush | HX9332 – Bing video

We like the Philips Sonicare or Curaprox hydrosonic range of brushes

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