Tooth discolouration after root canal treatment
August 25, 2022
Have you ever wondered why the colour of a tooth that has received Root Canal treatment loses its colour? Want to get back your pearly whites? We can help. This article explains why this happens and what the treatment options are.


Ina Alberts

Ever wondered why a root canal treated tooth discolors over time? 


After a root canal treatment, a tooth loses its natural translucency and becomes more opaque. This can be due to bleeding in the pulp (tooth nerve) or due to degeneration of organic tissues. Hemoglobin (a red protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood) penetrates the dentin tubules and gives the tooth a pinkish color. If this is associated with an infectious process, iron from the hemoglobin combined with hydrogen sulphide (produced by bacteria) gives iron sulphide, giving a root canal-treated tooth its characteristic greyish color. 

Can this discoloration be treated?


Yes, it can! With internal whitening, color of the tooth can be restored. Internal whitening is performed and acts on the interior of the tooth where the pulp was located. This procedure might involve a couple of follow-up appointments until the tooth shade matches the shade of adjacent teeth.

If generalized discoloration is present, internal whitening can be combined with external whitening of all other vital teeth. This was done for the following patient and produced a beautiful result!




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