Ever wondered what an Endodontist is and why you might need one?

Our own Dr. Kiki has taken the time to tell us what she does and how we can benefit.

The term endodontics is derived from two Greek words – “endo” meaning inside and “odont” meaning tooth. Combined these words mean study of the inner part of the tooth or the dental pulp.

The dental pulp is protected by the outermost part of the tooth, the enamel, as well as the underlying dentine. This hard casing protects the pulp from becoming infected by microbes present in the mouth. In cases of tooth decay or trauma, this outer cover is damaged and exposes the dental pulp to these microbes. Since the pulp is rich with nerves and blood vessels, infection of the pulp can lead to sensitivity and toothache.

How does one treat such an infected pulp?

Root canal treatment – This is one of the most common procedures for treating the dental pulp. The infected tooth is accessed through the crown to provide entrance to the root canal within. All infected material is removed, and the tooth is cleaned. The canals are enlarged so that it can be filled with a dental filling material.


At “I Love my Smile” we are dedicated to using state-of-the-art equipment. We are constantly incorporating the finest technology to help diagnose, treat, and achieve excellence in endodontic care.

Microscope magnification and illumination ensures excellent visibility that is not possible with the natural eye. Why is the microscope useful in endodontics?

  • To locate accessory canals that have been obstructed by calcification and reduced in size.
  • Removing material such as old solid filling materials
  • Removing canal obstructions
  • Preventing unnecessary destruction of natural tooth structure
  • Repairing perforations
  • Locating cracks and fractures that are not visible to the natural eye
  • Photographic documentation.

All contributing to the most predictable outcome of root canal treatment. You can only treat what you see, the microscope enhances your visual accuracy and therefore the potential outcome.

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